Maintenance & Repair Solutions

Quality service, done right, keeps the music going in style.

Not just a guy with tools

Tinkering and the constant pursuit knowledge is my drive.

Real Experience

15 years and counting..

Tinkering, fixing musical equipment for local players and touring musicians. Leveling frets or rebuilding that SVT you found at the bottom of a river, it can be done..

No shortcuts.

Quality is paramount.

Use the best parts, do clean work and throw your signature on it is what I’m about.. There is nothing worse than fake repairs.


• Guitar service, repair, mods, setups.
• Tube amp repair & modifications.
• Effects and other electronic device repairs (no synths)
• Ground up guitar & amp builds
• Machining & Fabrication, tolex, refinishing


Based in Warminster PA

Bucks County, PA – Close to Philadelphia (I don’t do house calls)

Who the hell is this Mike Norton guy?

Nortoncable started back in early 2004 as a premium guitar cable brand. Offering a wide range of custom high end cables with customized options, pedals, amps etc. The business evolved into building complete rigs, modifying amps, building elaborate pedal-boards and occasionally adding a cigarette lighter onto a guitar amp along with a cup holder… I took up an entry level position doing tech work at RetroLinear in North Wales back around 2011 and have learned what seemingly has been an endless amount of stuff about fixing electronic instruments on another level… If your here its probably for a reason, give me a shout, I can probably fix, modify it or make it glow if that’s your thing..

Mike “Norton” Suchodolski.


Guitar setup, modifications, amplifier repairs, rig building.

Pedal-board Builds

Keep your rig in top shape!.
Velcro’s not welcome round these parts

Guitar tube amp repairs & mods

Have hiss, hum,
no headroom?

Serious guitar setups

Real setups, action, intonation, de-funking.
Completely tailored to your spec!


Mike “Norton” Suchodolski

Direct (215)-820-0065